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Nuclear Disaster Survival Guide

Why Get Ready Beforehand

You might have some warning before a nuclear disaster, or you may not. You need to be ready to either shelter-in-place or evacuate depending upon your proximity and the type of nuclear disaster. In any case, you won’t have much time.

Whether brought by meltdown, terrorism, or war, a nuclear disaster can be devastating. There may be radiation, extremely high winds, flying debris, gas leaks, fires, polluted water, and other life-threatening problems.

Read the lists in the Basic Disaster Survival Guide. The steps you take now will help you prepare for disaster that could strike in your community. It’s too late later. Do these now.

How to Get Prepared for a Nuclear Disaster

Draw a floor plan of your home showing the location of the best indoor shelter location, utility shutoffs, first aid kit, and emergency supplies.

  • Ensure everyone is familiar with it.

During a Nuclear Disaster

If you are indoors STAY THERE. Move to an interior room and seal all windows, doors, and openings with plastic and duct tape.

  • If you are outdoors, get indoors immediately.
  • If you are in an automobile, stop and get into a building or shelter.
After a Nuclear Disaster
  • Listen for advisories. You may have to use a battery powered radio. The primary Emergency Alert System station.
  • Do not use the phone except in emergencies. Only call 911 for life threatening emergencies. Have a plug-in analog phone in case the power is out, but phone lines are still working.
  • For general and updated disaster information, call 211.
  • Cooperate with public safety officials.
  • Be prepared to evacuate when/if necessary.
  • You may need a Geiger counter to determine whether it’s safe to come out.

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