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3 Air Purifiers That Really Remove Radiation

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Geiger Counter at the Supermarket?

As we now know, three nuclear reactors melted down in the first few days at Fukushima, a large amount of radioactive fuel burnt into the air, millions of tons of radioactive water poured into the ocean, and more.

It continues to worsen and authorities don’t have much to offer, in fact, any comments may be suspect.

“Hot spots” of significant radiation now reach into Tokyo. There are reports that radioactive sewage slag has been recycled into building materials “[with] radiation from Cesium-137.”


Farmers 300km (186 miles) south of the nuclear disaster had cesium contamination and many forced to destroy their crops.

In eight US cities, infant mortality spiked and doctors blame the radiation spike just like after Chernobyl. Radiation in milk and in drinking water spiked clear across the US and Europe just days after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Independent experts say Fukushima is 20 times worse than Chernobyl.

Most radioactive emissions dissipate quickly, but many particles that you don’t want to consume are attracted to certain areas of your body and are proven to have very bad long-term genetic effects.

Besides drinking water and milk products, vegetation, animals including sea life, and air filters accumulate these toxic particles.


Critical Weather Causes Record Firestorm

Record-breaking, massive wildfires have forced thousands of people to flee, as firefighting crews continue to battle the blazes now crossing from eastern Arizona into New Mexico.

So far, between 5,500 and 5,700 people have evacuated their homes in eastern Arizona.

The firestorm is bedeviling in its unpredictable path, due to strong wind carrying burning embers up to three miles.


Firefighters struggle to gain the slimmest edge over two record-breaking fires, called the Wallow Fire and the Horseshoe Two Fire that have already burned more than 600 square miles since May 29. Remarkably, just 10 structures have been lost so far but that is bound to change since the firestorm is 0% contained and is rapidly approaching towns and cities in both states.

Already more than 2,500 firefighters from across the United States are engaged, along with 141 fire engines, 46 water tenders and eight bulldozers, according to officials. Also 20 helicopters are available but high winds are grounding planes that would be used to douse flames from the air.

Officials also warned that fire is likely to reach power transmission lines and force rolling blackouts across New Mexico and Texas.


The National Weather Service issued a critical fire weather warning, due to low humidity and high winds across Arizona, New Mexico, southeastern Colorado and western Texas.

A total of 276 high temperature records have been set across the central U.S. from Wisconsin to Texas, and an excessive heat watch, meaning conditions are expected to become dangerous, has been issued for eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey.

Dams Likely to “Instantly” Fail in 100-Year Flood… US Nuclear Plant Fire News Blackout

Disasters are combining into a probable catastrophe in the central US. The Missouri River is above 100-year flood stage, several major dams are likely to fail, and a nuclear power plant cited for a lack of flood preparedness is in danger.

The Fort Peck Dam in Montana is built with a flawed design since hydraulic-filled dams are prone to almost instant collapse and the dam is under a lot of stress from a record amount of water — with much more on the way.

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