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Nuclear Disaster Survival Quiz

25 Questions to Help You Survive Radioactive Fallout

Atomic bomb, terror act, or nuclear emergency, you will need to make decisions and may need to act fast.

This Nuclear Disaster Survival Quiz is designed to help you learn how to survive the worst imaginable.

nuclear disaster survival quiz

After the quiz, compare your score with other players. Then, share the quiz with your family and friends to help them prepare and survive with the Nuclear Disaster Survival Quiz.

Also, read the Nuclear Disaster Survival Guide and the Evacuate or Shelter-In-Place Guide.

Urgent Nuclear Disaster News:

Fukushima Threat to Tokyo and the World

Every day, Fukushima is spewing more radioactive contaminants across the world.

Even worse, Fukushima has very high potential to release critical levels of toxic radio isotopes. Some experts say there’s enough to poison the planet or at least the Northern Hempisphere.

Read this Counterpunch September 26, 2013 update:

“A Letter to All Young Athletes Who Dream of Coming to Tokyo in 2020 — Some Facts You Should Know About Fukushima” by Takashi Hirose

FukushimaFAQ – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW is a very informative website all about the Fukushima nuclear disaster: with questions and answers:

  • What led to world-threatening problems at Fukushima?
  • What are the current world-threatening problems at Fukushima?
  • Why haven’t we been told of the dangerous situation at Fukushima by authorities and media?
  • Who is/will be affected by Fukushima, and what effects are likely?
  • How can I protect myself and my loved ones?

Be sure to check out the extensive links and references offered by FukushimaFAQ.

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