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Survival-Quiz Book

  • Can you catch plague just by standing next to someone who has it?
  • How many inches of concrete do you need between you and radioactive fallout?

The book Who Survives? contains hundreds of questions (and answers) designed to test your survival savvy, while simultaneously teaching you the skills you may lack.

  • Quiz your family, friends, and coworkers.
  • Great for classrooms, meetings, parties, and travel.

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In researching these quizzes, I tried to find info from experts who seemed to know what they were talking about, as opposed to the other kind. And I aimed to get multiple confirmations of the facts I’ve included.

Sources I used included Cresson Kearny’s Nuclear Survival Skills, The U.S. Army Survival Manual, The Red Cross, many guides to biological, chemical, natural, and nuclear disasters, many survival and first aid guidebooks, and interviews with experts.




Earthquake Survival Quiz

15 Questions to Help You Survive an Earthquake

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