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3 Air Purifiers That Really Remove Radiation

With true HEPA filters... at reasonable prices:

Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier, HEPA Air Cleaner, AP51030K


Honeywell 17000 HEPA QuietCare Air Cleaner


Honeywell True HEPA Compact Tower Allergen Remover


Learn How to Survive Disaster!

I remember being astonished when I was a kid to realize that we were living on a billiard ball rolling around in space. I remember being amazed that stuff didn’t crash into us. (Turns out it does.)

We are vulnerable here on earth. Even if people weren’t messing up the planet and the vibes, it’s just a wild old universe and always …

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Climate Change or Planet Collapse?

Disruptions like mega storms and food die-off are upon us.

Climate change is speeding up, and is seriously under reported and under predicted.

“Climate change” doesn’t seem too bad. It sounds like something human ingenuity can handle as needed.

“Climate disruption” sounds much more serious. And it is a more appropriate description.

In fact, a new and more dangerous level of rampant climate …

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Air Purifiers That Really Remove Radioactive Particles

Purifiers with true HEPA filters capture hot isotopes of all types.

Breathing in radioactive particles is unavoidable in a nuclear disaster and it’s well-known that Fukushima hot particles are virtually everywhere these days.


While many of the air filter systems that I looked at were tempting, most did not actually do much about capturing the most dangerous airborne matter: radioactive isotopes or hot particles.

My research showed one thing clearly and that is only HEPA filters will do the job and only those with a good seal around the filter are worthy.

Flood Survival Quiz

Test your flood survival savvy with these 9 questions.

Floods are one of the most commonly occurring disasters and can occur anywhere. Dangerous flood waters can affect one neighborhood or an entire region.

How to Survive a Nuclear Disaster

Test your survival savvy and learn the skills you may lack.

You can survive a nuclear disaster — if you are prepared.

atomic bomb

Atomic bomb, or radioactive emergency, or nuclear terrorism, survival from radiation disaster may require evacuation.

Test your survival savvy with the Nuclear Disaster Quiz, share it with your friends, then read Evacuate or Shelter-in-Place Guide for tips on how to survive atomic war, accident, emergency, or terror act, and the most dangerous of all: radioactive fallout.

Survive a Terror Attack!

Are you ready or will you panic?

There are several widely different types of potential terror attacks. Each terror attack can affect you and your environment very differently.


In the news have been anthrax mailings, biological and chemical emergencies, bombs of all sorts, terror acts by angry people, vandalism and fires, and rumors of pandemic. There are also cyber attacks, man-made earthquakes, PRISM weather manipulation, conspiracies, and more.

Test your terror attack survival skills with this Terrorism Survival Quiz and share it with the people you care about.

Fukushima Radiation Is Worldwide Crisis

Nuclear disaster is out of control and under news blackout.

At, we try to stay on top of world disaster news. Hard to believe but true, the Fukushima radiation is a worldwide crisis.

We are being lied to about Fukushima radiation spewing for the past years, and the horrible disaster that awaits us at the next big earthquake, tsunami, or cyclone.

It passed Chernobyl some time back in all types of very dangerous radioactive emissions. Japan is fighting for its very life and the radiation has spread — and continues to spread — around the world.

How Many Mega Disasters Possible in 21st Century?

Mega disaster survival is a new challenge. Very large disasters are a reality.

I began this article with a short list of possible mega disasters or very large disasters. The short list soon grew into a long list.


Mind that I’m only listing the truly big ones… the very large disasters, the mega disasters. Not included are the standard disasters that we read about every day in the news.

Disasters can be personal, regional, or global — and they can be endurable or terminal.

flooded city

Here is a chart with examples to help think about types of disaster risk. (The chart does not take into account “likelihood” or possibility.)

Typically, is concerned with helping people survive a local or regional disaster such as a flood or tornado. However, this article is about mega disasters or very large disasters.

How to survive – best skills you should learn

Knowing how to survive in wild areas can save your life if you have to face a critical situation. As your dazzling lady from Sex Zürich niche will explain you, it is important for you to have the adequate equipment, but more importantly, you should have the required skills because without them the implements will not be as useful as you may think.

Develop survival skills in an effective way

Exploring the jungle or the woods can be an exciting and rewarding experience if are properly prepared to face any challenge. For such reason, it is important for you to inform yourself about the best skills you should learn. As an expert in adult entertainment, your proficient girl of Sex Zürich website you just met on AND6 will tell you that these capacities, as any other, are not learned for the mere fact of reading books or watching videos.

You will learn the required skills by applying the knowledge of videos and books related to survival techniques. Your garden or other semi-rural places can be useful places where you can start a training that may help you one day to survive in the forest.

Basic capacities that you need to master

As your marvelous girl from Sex Zürich scene will tell you, the first thing you should learn is how to make a shelter. For that purpose you can use tarpaulins, old parachutes or any other similar material with the capacity to prevent the entrance of rain and wind.

You can even use a Mylar blanket or emergency refuge as it is called so you can install your shelter. This is a very useful accessory as it can be shaped in many different ways.

What you can do is tie a rope from both ends of the tarpaulin in order to create a classic tent. You can also look for some wooden sticks to set up a common hut. According to the information your amazing lady from Sex Zürich experience has been able to collect from people she has met in adult entertainment events, you should also be clear about what you are taking refuge in. These are important things to consider if you want to install an optimal shelter.

It is also essential for you to know how to make a bonfire, especially when the wind is blowing, even when it rains, and without the use of lighters or matches. With that purpose in mind you can use a flint or magnesium bar.

If you do not have these items at your reach, you need to start figuring out and practicing the different available methods to create fire. You will discover some ingenious techniques that can be applied if you have the right materials.

However, learning such techniques without the assistance of complex devices would be ideal for you. In this way you will be able to use your ability either in times of emergency or when camping.

A good technique involves the use of a transparent plastic bag filled with water. Hold it in direct sunlight so the light can pass through it and reach some dried herbs. This implement will work as a lens loupe that will start a fire with the bunch of desiccated plants.

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